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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1
How do I know that my messages have been sent even though not delivered
Please check the message logs. If you can find your messages there, be rest assured that your messaged have been sent.

Question 2
I have checked the message logs but did not see my messages, what am I to do next?
Please check the Failed Message. If you cannot still find your messages there, please send a mail to and copy The support team will quickly check the server and get back to you.

Question 3
Messages have been delivered to my phone but messagelog still shows awaiting report?
Yes, due to high volume of delivery report we received, there might be some delay in updating the message logs. Normally, within 24 hours the update is completed.

Question 4
If I want my phone number to show as sender but not my name, what am I to do?
When composing your message, enter your mobile number in the FROM field in international format prefixed with a plus(+) e.g. +2348033214031

Question 5
I did not see messages I sent three to four months ago in the message logs
Normally we keep messages in the logs for two to three months but when the volume is very high, we are forced to keep the log for 1 month. However, we normally send mails to clients to backup their messages.

Question 6
I was credited but I did not receive notification by sms
The Crediting Server sends notification by SMS to clients that requested for top up of their accounts. However, some of these clients do not get the SMS because their mobile numbers in their profiles are not in international format e.g. +2348033214031.

Question 7
Are messages delivered to CDMA operators like starcomm, Visafone and Multilinks?
No for now., we deliver to all GSM operators in Nigeria and around the world.

Question 8
Why are you charging 5 credits to deliver to CDMAs
This was done when we were try to deliver to CDMAs through mobile phones at the cost of N9.0 per sms. We dont charge anymore for CDMAs numbers added to your GSM numbers.

Question 9
Can I send messages to recipients in different countries at the same time?
No, because of the different country codes. If for example, you are sending messages to recipients in Nigeria and UK, first send to Nigeria using country code 234 and later to UK recipients using country code 44.

Question 10
I was charged 5 units for sending messages to UK
Yes, there are some routes that are really expensive and for us to deliver to these countries, we must charge higher than what we charge for dellvery to Nigeria.

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